Happy senior couples toasting with white wine at home.

Hearing Services in Michigan, Minnesota, & Florida

At America’s Best Hearing, we are committed to delivering exceptional audiology care across Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida. Our team of skilled audiologists and hearing specialists are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal hearing health through comprehensive and personalized care. With convenient locations across Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida, America’s Best Hearing is your go-to clinic for all your audiology needs.

Happy senior couples toasting with white wine at home.
Hearing Aid Discovery Test Headphone An illustrated pair of Hearing Aid Discovery Test headphones

Hearing Aid Discovery Testing

Determines if you have hearing loss, the type and degree of loss, and whether hearing aids can help

Fitting hearing aids on an ear An illustration of fitting hearing aids on an ear

Hearing Aid Fitting

Makes sure your hearing aids are comfortable and set specifically to your hearing needs

Hearing aid that needs repair An illustrated hearing aid that needs repair

Hearing Aid Repair

Includes repair of devices, thorough cleaning, and battery adjustments

Hearing protection An illustrated ear with hearing protection

Hearing Protection

Customized hearing protection for musicians and those exposed to loud sounds on a regular basis

Earwax management An illustration of a Hearing Aid Specialist inspecting an ear for earwax

Earwax Management

Removes earwax that may be preventing you from hearing your best

Tinnitus Relief An illustration of an ear experiencing tinnitus

Tinnitus Relief

Relieves the ringing, whooshing, gurgling, and clacking noises caused by tinnitus