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Through our combination of old-fashioned service and advanced technology, we help you achieve your best hearing and a better quality of life.
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With ten convenient locations, America’s Best Hearing serves as the trusted hearing care provider for individuals and families located in Minnesota and Michigan. If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, schedule your free hearing evaluation with one of our expert audiologists today.

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Our goal is to improve our patient’s quality of life through progressive hearing healthcare services, provided by our hearing professionals with compassionate care. As a patient, you’ll receive a lifetime of care, ensuring a lifetime of better hearing.

Knowledge. Compassion. Honesty.

Our devoted audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists are experts in hearing evaluations, diagnosing hearing impairments, and providing proper treatment options that work with your budget and lifestyle.

Old-Fashioned Service

As an independent practice, we pride ourselves on the family-feel and personalized care we deliver. Whether you’re in need of hearing loss treatment, or any other form of hearing care, your needs are our top priority.

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Today’s hearing aids now provide options that are designed to treat a variety of hearing loss and impairments as well as offer an abundance of styles and features, allowing us to help choose hearing aids suited for you.

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